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Nature photography Tours

You’re coming to Tofino and you want to bring home some great shots?

Tofino Photography Tours Workshops In my nature photography workshops, I will share my local knowledge with you and do my best to help you take incredible photos. Tofino offers some of the best in wildlife, seascape, woodland or surf photography and based on your preference, we’re going to choose the best location.

So why not use your limited Tofino photography time and let me take you on a guided photography trip where I share my local knowledge with you as well as I might be able to show beginners to intermediate photographers things like
  • using manual settings: Freeze birds in flight or capture the motions of waves or the flow of a river with an epic long exposure shot
  • focus stacking and bracketing: Get the sharpest image with the most dynamic range possible
  • helping with compositions: Composition is probably one of the most important things not only in nature photography. So let’s talk about leading lines, layers, balance and all the things that will help you compose a great shot!


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Tour Photos

August 1 - 4
125 Photos
July 26 - 31
136 Photos
July 21 -25
88 Photos
July 12 -15
109 Photos
July 5 - 8
96 Photos