kayaking multi-day tours in tofino

The ultimate Vargas adventure medley (2 days)

kayak tour to Vargas

kayak tour to VargasYou want the most adventure possible in two days? We got your back!

On this tour we won’t waste any of your precious time as you will be challenged with:

  • Our kayaking instruction
  • A shorter paddle to Vargas Island about 3.5 miles off Tofino
  • Setup base camp on our white, sandy beach
  • An approx. 2hr hike to Ahous Bay
  • Bon fire and west coast BBQ on the most spectacular beach
  • Opportunities to explore, beach play or maybe even a refreshing dip in the ocean ...
  • A NIGHT-HIKE plus NIGHT PADDLE back to our camp where cozy tents and sleeping bags are waiting
  • A sunny beach breakfast on the next morning, followed by a paddle back to our dock

    ... with all of this and if this isn’t enough, let’s talk about wildlife: Vargas inhabits a very active wolf pack which tends to frequent our beaches. In addition, sea-otters, seals and sea-lions are commonly seen and even whales can show up in front of our sunset beach at Ahous Bay. As we cannot guarantee any sightings, your guide will teach you about best practises and make sure everything is safe and sound at all times.


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