Kayak Day Tours

  1. 4hr kayaking tour

4hr Kayaking Tour

Why not take a full afternoon off to relax and experience Tofino in your kayak?

As part of this kayak adventure you will experience the spiritual energy of the ancient Big Tree Trail on Meares Island.

The hike leads us over approx. 500 meters of boardwalk through majestic rain forest containing 1500 year old trees and a unique flora and fauna.
This hiking part of our kayak tour usually takes about 40 minutes. .

* An additional $3 Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Park trail fee for participant use and maintenance of the site will be charged at check-in.

Mothership Tours

  1. Bears by Kayak

Bear's by Kayak! (4hrs)

When the tide withdraws in Clayoquot Sound, the black bears step out from the tree line and scour the rocky shore for their next meal. You and your guide will set out from Tofino harbour at this time with kayaks secured to the roof of your shuttle boat.

Once a bear is spotted, it's time to get in the water!
With you in your kayak, and a paddle in your hand, your group will move along the shore, keeping a respectful and safe distance from the bear.

As Tofino's only bear-watching tour by kayak, find yourself in awe of west coast wildlife without the megaphone and loud hum of a boat's motor.
You will hear the crunch as the bears eat crabs, and the sound of their heavy paws along the rocks.

You will never forget the time you kayaked with the bears!

sea kayak tourFlores Island is our favorite destination in this kayaking paradise of Clayoquot Sound! With this adventure, we’ll show you why we think so.

We are excited to introduce you to an amazing treasure. Located on the Pacific Coast, this wild lagoon offers open ocean paddling alongside white sand beaches and in comparison, the Flores Island’s east coast features all the advantages of a quiet inlet.

On our second day we're gonna conquer the 'Walk the Wildside' trail, which we refer to as 'the 'Westcoast trail in 11km ...and without ladders' ;-) 'Walk the Wildside' means hiking barefoot on one of the most spectacular beachstrips Clayoquot has to offer. It also means disapearing into the lush old-growth forest to follow historical paths of the Ahoussat first nations.

Experience the freedom of Vancouver Island’s West Coast!



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Enthusiastic, highly-motivated and well experienced in what we do, we have managed to establish a successful reputation for guided kayak tours throughout Clayoquot Sound.

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