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Lemmens Inlet (6hrs)

Lemmens inlet, encompassed by a sensational mountain panorama, provides a stunning view into Strathcona Park during this kayaking tour.

Early explorers found this destination to be a preferred anchorage spot due to the surrounding peaks, namely Lone Cone and Mount Colnett ...and kayakers appreciate it for the same reason: a safe paddle!

Now you may be wondering about tidal currents or that six hours seems a bit ambitious.
Good thinking! But, not to worry. On our way to 'Adventure Cove', our potential destination, we will use the current to our advantage and always 'go with the flow'.

Needless to say, there is much more to discover about Lemmens. We'll chat about its significant history and explore its islets, float homes and oyster farms. In addition, we will visit the famous Tofino mudflats, which are one of the ten most critical wetland areas for migratory birds on Canada's west coast.

So, pack your camera and join us on this outdoor adventure, immersing yourself in this kayaking paradise, rarely found anywhere.


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