Bear by kaYak! 4-5hrs

When the tide withdraws in Clayoquot Sound, the black bears step out from the tree line and scour the rocky shore for their next meal.

Join us on a remote, explorer style mothership kayak tour where you and your guide will set out from Tofino harbour. This time with kayaks secured to the roof of your shuttle boat.

The boat ride will take you on a approximately 30minute passage with many wildlife opportunities along the way.
Once our mothership is anchored your guide will get you and your boats on the water. From here we're going to set out on our kayaking adventure in Fortune channel.
Find yourself in awe of west coast wildlife without the megaphone and loud hum of a boat's motor.

While we can't promise a bear sighting we see them on about 90% of the time. And if we do, you will hear the...

Lemmens Inlet & Big Tree Trail mothe…

Lemmens inlet, encompassed by a sensational mountain panorama provides a stunning view of the snow covered peaks of Strathcona Park during this mothership kayak tour.

Let’s jump our 30ft vessel with 4 double kayaks on the roof and leave the busy Tofino harbour area behind.
Our destination, Lemmens Inlet is just a short boat ride away and once we anchored our boat we will be ready to launch our kayaks and have a close look.

Early explorers found this destination to be a preferred anchorage spot due to the surrounding peaks, namely Lone Cone and Mount Colnett ...and kayakers appreciate it for the same reason: a safe paddle!

Of course there is much more to say about Lemmens, its significant history, its islets, float-homes, oyster farms and not to forget the famous Tofino mudflats, which are one of the ten most critical wetland areas for migratory birds...

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Founded in 2010, Black Bear Kayaking is the newest base for kayak adventure trips in Tofino.

Enthusiastic, highly-motivated and well experienced in what we do, we have managed to establish a successful reputation for guided kayak tours throughout Clayoquot Sound.

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