Bear watching in Clayoquot Sound

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Join us on our 30ft cabin boat on a scenic wildlife cruise in calm waters of the inlets of Clayoquot sound.

Our bear watching tours are scheduled around low tide, when the shorelines are exposed and various species of wildlife are using the opportunity for finding food. Especially our coastal Black Bears are interesting and fun to watch while flipping over rocks with ease to pick up crabs and fish that are hiding underneath. You'll never forget the crunching sound once they found one.
With an abundance of Black Bears in our preferred viewing location, we might observe them interacting with each other ...and with some luck we might even spot a cub!

Next to black bears there are plenty of other things and species like harbor porpoises, sea-lions, harbor seals, bald eagles, herons and more.

Our comfortable 30ft cabin boat usually offers room for 10 persons, however in 2021 we are...

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Bear's by Kayak! (4hrs)

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When the tide withdraws in Clayoquot Sound, the black bears step out from the tree line and scour the rocky shore for their next meal. You and your guide will set out from Tofino harbour at this time with kayaks secured to the roof of your shuttle boat.

Once a bear is spotted, it's time to get in the water!
With you in your kayak, and a paddle in your hand, your group will move along the shore, keeping a respectful and safe distance from the bear.

As Tofino's only bear-watching tour by kayak, find yourself in awe of west coast wildlife without the megaphone and loud hum of a boat's motor.
You will hear the crunch as the bears eat crabs, and the sound of their heavy paws along the rocks.

You will never forget the time you kayaked with the bears!

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Tour dates comming up soon!

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Founded in 2010, Black Bear Kayaking is the newest base for kayak adventure trips in Tofino.

Enthusiastic, highly-motivated and well experienced in what we do, we have managed to establish a successful reputation for guided kayak tours throughout Clayoquot Sound.

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